How to Make a Christmas tree Dress for Kids,

Christmas tree Dress 2020

Christmas is a source of indisputable joy for the whole family, especially for the children of the home. Undoubtedly, there are many costumes that we can make to celebrate this special time of the year, although there are people who prefer to resolve the issue by acquiring the costume directly at a specialized store. If this year you want to do something different, here are all the steps to achieve an exclusive Christmas  Your child will love it!

Step 1: The material of the tree of the Christmas tree Dress

Making a Christmas tree Dress is extremely simple and you will hardly need materials. In this first step to make the outfit, you must get two large pieces of felt (a little larger than the height of your little one). You can also use other materials such as cloth or plastic depending on the flexibility you want to achieve with your costume, but the most important thing is that the material is dark green.

Step 2: Outlining the tree silhouette of the Christmas tree Dress

Next, place the felt pieces on a flat surface, and with the help of a marker pen trace or mark the characteristic silhouette of the Christmas tree. Started by a pointed end, you should only draw down until you reach a triangular base, creating the typical tree tips (between four and five). When you have everything ready, cut out the two pieces following the same pattern.

Christmas tree Dress

How to Make a Christmas tree Dress for Adults, Kids, Everyone

Step 3: Assembling the Christmas tree Dress

Once you have trimmed the two pieces that will make up the Christmas tree Dress, then it is your turn to join them with staples or special glue. In the same way, you can sew both pieces leaving a space to the sides for the arms. Then, put the costume on your little one and mark the face area with a marker. When it comes to trimming, make sure to leave a wider space so that your child’s head can easily be justify out.

Step 4: Ornaments Christmas tree Dress

This is the funniest step of all, but at the same time, one where you must make use of your imagination to conceive the best ornaments for your Christmas tree. Here you can use the typical garlands, tinsels, candy canes, pom poms, and even Nespresso capsules that you have in some corner of your home. If you do not want to complicate much, you can make small circles of felt of various colors to decorate.

Once you have all the ornaments defined, you just have to glue them to the tree with glue or glue, or just sew them. It is a good idea, before placing the ornaments, to use confetti or pieces of confetti to stick on the felt of the tree. Finally, cut several long strips of paper or cloth in various colors, and roll them across your beautiful Christmas tree Dress.

Step 5: The Star Christmas tree Dress

The Star Christmas tree Dress of Bethlehem is an element that can not be missing in your Christmas tree if you want the costume to look as realistic as possible. You can make it with cardboard or felt, or even with fabrics. In the latter case, you must create two pieces of the star, then join them by means of a rod or piece of wire to the top of the set.

Step 6: Christmas tree Dress Finalizing details

Your little one is almost ready to surprise the family with his exclusive Christmas tree Dress , but first, you will have to take a final step. Use two shoe boxes (without lid) and line them with wrapping paper. At the bottom or base of the boxes, cut a hole large enough for your child to insert their feet, then reverse the direction of the boxes and put them on your little one. These will be the traditional Christmas gifts that are placed at the foot of the tree. Original, right?

Finally, do not forget to include as many details as you like. For example, you can paste several additional pieces of felt to simulate the branches of the tree, or include songs, lights … Whatever you can think of!


Keep in mind that your little one can spend several hours using his costume, so, at some point, the idea of ​​being practically still inside the tree can be a problem in some cases.

If your child is very restless or feels uncomfortable with the costume, do not worry, you can always make your costume from the neck, and solve the situation with a green hat. Do not forget in any case to place the star.

Another option you can use is to make a tree costume with recyclable materials. If you want to instill in your little one your respect for the environment, you just have to make the outfit with large green plastic bags. Just make sure the clothes are brown. For the rest of the ornaments, use cardboard and glue. That easy.

Materials you will need for the Christmas tree costume

  • Pieces of felt (1 mx 50 cm high and wide)
  • Black marker pen
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Glue or staples
  • Pompoms, garlands and colored ribbons
  • Confetti
  • Multi-colored cardboard
  • Two shoe boxes
  • Gift Wrap